11 Surprising Health Benefits of Grapes

By Samantha / Feb 13, 2015

health benefits of grapesMouth watering fruit grapes first comes to origin 8000 years ago in Middle East. At that time this juicy fruit was mostly used to make wine. There is wide variety of grapes in available all over the world of different colours like black red, yellow, green and many more. This juicy fruit can bring water in mouth of all age groups be it a child, adult or old people. Grapes grow in clusters and it can have seeds or seedless.

Grapes can be enjoyed as a raw fruits, unripe grapes can be used while cooking, juice extracted from ripe grapes, dried grapes known as raisins and most popular wine made from grapes. Grapes are rich source Vitamin C, A, K and B2, fibre, potassium, iron, folate, calcium and proteins. Presence of polyphenols and phytonutrients makes it natural antioxidants to fight various diseases and infections.

Besides taste including grapes in daily diet gives various health benefits like prevention from high blood pressure, heart diseases, cancer and allergies because of anti-inflammatory properties. High water content in grapes keep body hydrated. One cup of fresh grapes daily is enough rather than juices, wine and jellies because extra content of sugar in grapes made items can have negative effect on health.

Some Amazing Benefits of Grapes for Health and Beauty

1. Increase Memory Power

Grapes being part of daily diet helps in increasing memory and prevents from Alzheimer disease. Presence of antioxidants like resveratrol in grapes helps in smooth blood flow to brain which help in better brain activity through sharp memory even with increasing age. Even studies come to conclusion that person who has grapes juice in their diet have better memory than person with diet without it. Alzheimer disease is well known among old age people because with passing year free radicals and effect on brain cells person find it difficult to remember things. Grapes being part of diet can prevent from such issues at old age.

2. Relief from Constipation

Suffering from constipation eat one cup of grapes daily to get relief from it naturally. Fibre is required for proper digestion of whatever we eat. Presence of fibre in grapes helps to keep digestive system smooth. Proper and frequent bowel movement leads to strong digestive system and relief from constipation. High contents of water in grapes help to keep body hydrated and maintain regular bowel movement. Eating grapes regularly can prevent from constipation to develop.

3. Build Strong Immune System

Antioxidants like resveratrol in grapes helps to build strong immunity system and prevent from common flu, cold and sickness. With regular consumption of grapes one can get stronger immunity. Grapes are natural fruit for person suffering from frequent illness, cold and flu issues. Presences of vitamins like C, K and B2 help in building immunity.

4. Toxins Detoxification

With consumption of food and liquids various toxins enters the body but for proper functioning and prevention from various diseases these toxins should be flushed out. High content of water helps in flushing out through urine. Make grapes part of daily diet to flush out toxins from body and living healthy life because presence of toxins in body leads to various health problems like infections, constipation, fatigue and dead skin cells etc.

5. Cancer Prevention

Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties help to protest from cancers to various organs of body like lungs, prostate, colon and breast. Presence of resveratrol in grapes helps in reducing growth of cancer cells. Its help in protection from ultraviolet rays of sun thus prevents from skin cancer. Eat grapes daily to live cancer free life.

6. Prevents Heart Diseases

Presence of resveratrol and proanthocyanidin in grapes helps in protection from various health diseases like blood clotting, artery blockages and blood pressure issues. Antioxidants in grapes help in oxygen to blood cells thus promote healthy flow from heart to other organs. Keep control on cholesterol level of blood. Rich content of potassium help in reducing effect of sodium in body thus gives cardiovascular benefits.

7. Improves Vision

Grapes help in maintain vision during old ages also. With passing years due to macular degeneration eyesight decreases and person have difficulty in reading. Grapes as a part of diet decreases macular degeneration, cataracts and other retina issues. Presence of lutein and zeaxanthin helps in keeping eyes healthy even in old days.

8. Fights Fatigue

Presence of vitamins, iron, copper and various minerals in grapes make it important part of diet to keep person always energetic. Iron is necessary to keep body charged and lack of it make person dull and feeling tiredness every time. To keep balance of iron in body eat a cup of yellow or green grapes because they are rich source of iron and vitamin c since vitamin c help to absorb iron in to body. If you want that fatigue never comes near you then eat grapes regularly.

9. Maintains Blood Sugar

Sugar level in blood should be appropriate for proper functioning of body. If high sugar level is not good then low sugar level also leads to many health problems. All fruits don’t help in it because some fruit have high glycemic index and not a fruit for diabetes patients. Grapes because of low GI values helps in maintain blood sugar level and even person suffering from diabetes can eat them as it will help then in blood sugar levels.

10. Fights Allergies

Anti-inflammatory properties and anti-bacterial properties of grapes helps in fighting allergies like running nose, cough and fever. Suffering from various allergies then starting eating grapes regularly you will notice change after few weeks.

11. Skin Benefits

Presence of vitamin C and E in grapes helps in getting beautiful and glowing skin. It helps to keep skin tight and free from wrinkles with passing years also. Oil extracted from grapes seeds can be very useful for skin to remove dark spots and stretch marks. Pulp of grapes can be used as a natural home remedy to exfoliate skin by removing dead skin cells.

After knowing above health benefits of grapes you will also like to eat this fruit regularly. Grapes are available whole year and 32 grapes are enough per day. Health benefits can be reaped in any form eating as a raw fruit, juice, cakes or pies made of grapes and grapes wine. Give your opinions through comments.



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