12 Amazing Health Benefits of Apples

By Samantha / Feb 11, 2015

health benefits of applesApple is one of the most popular and delicious fruit on earth. For health conscious people apple is a necessary food of their daily diet plan. There are about thousands of varieties and of different colours like red, green and yellow available in this world. One can eat it as a raw fruit, desserts made from apple or apple juice being popular these days in all ways it is going to give health benefits.

Apple is full of vitamins, minerals and nutrients which lead to health improvement. Presence of antioxidants, good amount of soluble fibre, pectin helps in fighting various infections and improving health. Health benefits which person gets on consuming apple make this notion true “An apple a day keeps doctor away!”

Following are Some Health Benefits of Eating Apples

1. Improves Digestion

As we all know that person should consume food which is full of fibre as fibre helps in proper digestion of food by proper bowel movement and protects from health problems like constipation, abdominal pain and diarrhoea. Apple is rich of dietary fibre so person who consumes apple regularly has better digestive process and free from various stomach issues. Apple helps in removing harmful bacteria and toxins from large intestine.

2. White and Strong Teeth

Eating apple helps in getting white and strong teeth as biting and chewing apple leads to production saliva in mouth which stops bacteria to grow in mouth. Fibre in apple cleans teeth and gums so decreases chances of cavity in teeth. Being a crunchy fruit, apples don’t tend to stick on teeth and aids to overall teeth health.

3. Prevention from Heart Diseases

Persons who regularly eat apple have healthy heart as apple lowers cholesterol level of body. As the phenolic present in apple skin prevents cholesterol plaque to stick to artery walls which lead to blockages in arteries so reduces blood flow to heart and increase chances of heart strokes. Apple having flavnoids like quercetin makes it a healthy heart booster.

4. Helps in Weight Loss

Apple gives feeling of satisfaction to hunger with less calories intake so apple is an important food item of weight loss program. Many Studies have come to conclusion that presence of antioxidants and fibre are reasons for weight management of those who have apple in their daily diet plan. Obesity is bigger problem in today’s life as it leads to many other health problems like Heart diseases, Diabetes, lack of sleep and many more.

5. Prevention from Alzheimer

Apple helps in reducing the problem of Alzheimer during old age as it helps in increasing the level of acetylcholine in the brain. Acetychonine is responsible for activities like problem solving ability, concentration level and memory. Even studies conducted on rats have come to conclusion that rats which have apple as part of their diet did well in maze test than who have regular diet. So if you also want to have sharp memory even in old age make apple necessary item of your diet.

6. Helpful in treating Anemia

Adequate presence of red blood cells in body is very important. If a person has less haemoglobin means he is suffering from Anemia. It can be treated with enhancing the intake of items which are rich of iron and apple is one such fruit which is rich source of iron. By regularly consuming apple one can treat problem of anemia.

7. Longer Exercise Session

We all know apple is rich source of antioxidants which helps in having longer exercise session. Apple has a quercetin naming antioxidants which helps in making more oxygen available to lungs results to longer session on treadmills and cycle. Eating apple before exercise will really help in having a smooth workout time without feeling breathless.

8. Improves Eyesight

Apple because of flavnoids and phytonutrients has a positive impact on eyesight. With apple as a regular part of their diet one can reduce problems like night blindess, macular degernation and cataract so for proper eye sight during your olds days make eating apple a habit.

9. Useful for Skin

Apple is useful in getting glowing and health skin. One can apply paste made from apple milk and honey to get healthy skin. Apple is important ingredient of many fruit creams to get shiny skin. It helps in reducing the effects of aging, darks spots and wrinkles. Various antioxidants present in apple helps in formation of new cells and repairing old ones which results in beautiful skin and feeling of being young with passing years also.

10. Strengthen Respiratory System

Apple has an antiinflamatory property which helps in building strong respiratory system of body. Respiratory system may go weak due to various inflammations to cells and membrane and leads problems like asthma. With regular intake of apple one can get rid of respiratory issues and heal asthma naturally.

11. Better Immune System

For proper growth and living a wonderful life one need to have a good immune system. If a person has a weak immune system means he is more prone to various infections results in pulling down the growth of body and lowers the overall confidence. Apple due to antioxidants and anti-inflammatory behaviour helps in building strong immune system so it should be part of diet to remain fit and healthy.

12. Controls Blood Sugar level

Our body should have normal level of sugar in blood for proper functioning. Either high or low blood sugars both are harmful for health. Apple is such fruit help in controlling the controlling the blood sugar level and protects from type 2 diabetes health problem. Presense of polyphenols in apples is the reason behind controlling blood sugar as it keeps check on carbohydrates in the body and carbohydrates controls the up and down of sugar level in blood.

Knowing all the health benefits everyone should make sure that it should be part of your meals. You can eat it as a raw fruit or in form of salad or custards. If you don’t like eating it as a raw fruit then you can get health benefits of apple using it in cakes or Jam which everyone loves to eat. One can enjoy it in form drinks like fresh apple juice but I would suggest avoiding packed apple juice because high level of sugar and preservative in them which instead of health benefits can harm you body.



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