12 Amazing Health Benefits of Eating Banana

By Samantha / Feb 13, 2015

Health Benefits of Eating BananaBanana is a popular fruit all over the world. We all love to eat banana because of its taste and due to feeling of fullness which it gives. Due to low cost it is also affordable to people with low income. It is most consumed fruit after apple in US. Many of us even don’t know that banana is 4th primary food eaten after rice, wheat and corn.

Green banana is used in cooking across various countries. Many drinks and desserts can be made with use of banana which everyone loves to eat. Even banana peels have many nutrients and used in cooking across the world rather throwing in dustbins. We all know the common health benefits of banana like digestion, easy source of energy etc. In this article we will discuss detailed health benefits of banana knowing these it will change your viewpoint towards eating banana and you will start liking banana more.

Benefits of Eating Banana Fruit for Health and Wellness

1. Increases Digestion

Suffering from constipation then bananas can help you in getting rid of it because rich content of dietary fibre controls the bowel movement which leads to proper digestion. Who are suffering from stomach ulcers or to protect oneself from such problem should regularly consume banana. Get relief from acidity due to natural antacid of banana. It is commonly known one who is suffering from diarrhoea should consume banana because it helps in restoring electrolytes.

2. Reduces Stress

Stress is a common health problem in today’s world. Due to changes in life style and work pressure most of people are suffering from stress. Banana because of its tryptophan content helps in reducing stress. As tryptophan helps in stabilizing mood and controls the stress level of body. It is good to keep a banana in your office drawer to eat during stressful working days.

3. Reduces Blood Pressure

Persons suffering from high blood pressure bananas are like a great medicine to them. Bananas has high level of potassium and low level of salt which helps to lower blood pressure thus save from heart stroke. Eat two or more bananas in a day daily and keep the risks of high blood pressure away.

4. Easy Source of Energy

We all see sportsmen eating bananas in intervals while playing sports because sportsmen need quick source of energy and banana is one such fruit which is great source of energy due to presence of carbohydrates. Take one or two bananas along with on your way to gym and eat after you finish your gym session to give a quick boost to energy.

5. Rich source of vitamin B6

Bananas protect from infections, type 2 diabetes and weight issues because of its vitamin B6 content which is anti inflammatory in nature. As vitamin B6 helps in production of white blood cells which leads to strengthening of nervous system.

6. Strengthen Kidney and Bones

Banana is a rich source of antioxidants, phelonic is one such antioxidant which strengthens the kidneys, protects from kidney cancer and kidney stones being produced. It helps in strengthen of bones by keeping check on calcium being flushed through urine from body. Our bones can strengthen only if our body can absorb all the nutrients Banana helps in doing it due to fructooligosaccharide, a digestive enzyme presence.

7. High in Calories

Consuming one banana one will get 108 calories. One can increase the energy levels by eating just one banana anytime in a day. Whenever you feel the need to eat something banana is good and healthy option rather than going for some fried snack foods.

8. Protects from Heat

Banana helps in reducing the body temperature so it is very useful in fever and hot days. Have your banana along with you on hot summer days and eat when required to freshen up the mood. Banana is the healthiest snack food which anyone can eat to curb hunger.

9. Keep your Eyes Healthy

We all know carrots plays important role in keeping eyes healthy but bananas also play its part in health of eyes because it has enough of Vitamin A which helps in vision maintainece during day and night. Persons who regularly consumes banana have less macular degeneration. Banana reduces vision issues during old ages.

10. Gives Feeling of Fullness

Many persons have habit of overeating due to which they suffer from weight issues and many other problems. Banana has such great quality that it prevents from overeating as one get feeling of fullness after eating only one or two thus keeps check on weight.

11. Helps in Recovering from Hangover

Like lemons, Bananas are also useful hangover food after over drunken nights. One can have a glass of banana shake to get over the hangover. I would rather suggest be in limits with your drinking habits during night but still banana can be a good morning food to recover from hangover.

12. Kids Love Bananas

One of the main problem most moms face is to feed their kids with healthy fruits and foods. Most kids generally don’t like much of the healthy foods and it become a stressful situation for parents. Banana is one best fruit which is not just healthy but also fulls the kids tummy. Although you kids require all essential vitamins and nutrients which comes from other foods but when you kid is not liking to eat other food banana is good and tastier option.

After knowing all these useful benefits of this lovable fruit among all age groups you would like to make it a vital part of your diet plan.



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