14 Super Fast Home Remedies for Constipation Problem

By Samantha / Feb 19, 2015

Home Remedies for Constipation ProblemConstipation means infrequent movement of bowel or difficultly in passing stools. Constipation can happen to person of every age group. It is not major health problem but if it remains from longer period it can lead to many more health problems. Constipation is the result of improper digestion of food. There are many reasons behind constipation like fiber less food, less water intake, lack of physical activity, stress, and dependency on laxatives, pregnancy and some medicines side effect.

Every person wants to feel fresh in the morning but constipation can take all the happiness of person and it can ruin all of your day as stomach upset nobody can do day to day activities with joy. All concentration will be on getting relief from constipation and in that case some time doesn’t like to eat food. If Constipation is not treated then it can be more dangerous and lead to many more problems. Symptoms of constipation are like appetite loss, depression, headache, mouth ulcers, too much strain while passing stool and bad breath etc.

Constipation needs to be treated to live healthy life and one can get rid of constipation with use of laxatives available in the market but one have to make sure that more use of laxatives can also become the reason behind constipation. I always suggest using natural ways to treat constipation or always try to prevent from it because prevention is better than cure. Mostly constipation occurs due to improper diet like eating too much of fast food or lack of fibre in food because fibre play important role in digestion of food. Constipation is a common issue among women after pregnancy and doctors prescribe laxative to them to get rid of it.

Natural home remedies should be the first option to treat constipation rather than rushing market to buy laxative to get rid of it.

Natural Home Remedies to Get Rid of Constipation

1. Olive Oil

olive oil
Olive oil can be natural home product to treat constipation. It helps in improving digestive system by proper bowel movement and moving out solid out of body smoothly. One can even use it regularly to make sure that constipation problem never happens.

How to Use

  • First Option, Take 1 teaspoon of olive oil in the morning and make sure that you take it before eating anything.
  • Second Option, Mix 1 tea spoon of olive oil in small portion of lemon juice as lemon is a natural product to get relief from constipation and consume it in the morning empty stomach. Regular consumption of olive oil protects from problem of constipation.

2. Lemon Juice

lemon juice for constipation
Drinking one glass of lemon water in the morning before eating anything can do wonders on the problem of constipation. Lemon helps to clean the body by moving out solids and improve the digestive system functioning. Sufferings from constipation problem then forget bed tea or coffee in the morning and make drinking a glass of lemon water a habit.

How to Use

  • Take a glass of warm water and mix some lemon juice, honey and salt according to taste. Drink it as a first thing in the morning. Do it regularly to get relief from constipation.

3. Raisins

Constipation can be treated by taking laxatives but before buying these from market try to eat those items which have laxative present naturally. Raisins are natural source of laxatives and rich source of fiber and lack of fibre in food is the reason for constipation.

How to Use

  • Eat 10 to 15 raisins soaked in water over nightly as a first thing in the morning. Even almonds can be part of it after taking off its peel on empty stomach in the morning. Eat these regularly for few days to get rid of constipation.

4. Guava

guava for constipation relieve
Suffering from constipation then guava can be super natural fruit in treating it. Guava is a rich source of fibre and it can help in smooth functioning of intestines and building a strong digestive system. So get rid of constipation by regularly eating guava with or without seeds.

How to Use

  • Eat one guava regularly but make sure it should not be over ripen or too raw. You can eat this fruit with seeds or without seeds because seeds also have fibre in it which is good for digestive system. I always eat guava without seeds because it has opposite effect on my health. Make guava an important item of your diet to get rid of constipation.

5. Fennel Seeds

fennel seeds home remedy for constipation
We all love to eat fennel seeds after eating food in lunch and dinner just because taste of fennel is very good and it helps to remove bad breath after lunch or dinner but very few people know the benefit of chewing fennel after lunch or dinner. Fennel seeds help in proper digestion of food, removing gas from stomach and prevent or treat constipation.

How to Use

  • Eat one or two table spoons of fennel seeds after consuming food or you can make powder of fennel seeds by grinding them and take 1 teaspoon of this powder with warm water daily to get relief from constipation.

6. Aloe Vera

aloe vera gel for constipation relieve
Aloe Vera is a natural laxative so it can be a natural home remedy to treat constipation. Extract aloe vera gel from fresh aloe vera leaves and add this gel in fresh fruit juice and drink this mixture to get rid of constipation. Aloe vera use to get rid of constipation should be done with extra caution because it can have opposite effect on health as you have to go to loo many times.

7. Spinach

spinach constipation remedy
Green leafy vegetables are rich source of many vitamins, minerals and fibre. Regular consumption these vegetables help in living a healthy life free from various health issues. Spinach is the important part of these vegetables and regular consumption of it helps in cleaning intestines and stimulating better digestive system thus getting rid of constipation.

How to Use

  • One way to use spinach in your diet is make juice be adding water and grinding spinach leaves. Drink spinach made juice regularly.
  • Another way is soup made of boiled spinach leaves, other vegetables like carrot, cauliflower. Consume a bowl of soup daily to treat constipation. One can get benefits of spinach by eating raw in form of salad or cooked.

8. Flaxseed

flaxseed for constipation
Flaxseed because of laxative properties is a natural home remedy to treat constipation. It helps in increasing bowel movement so keep digestive system smooth and remove problems of constipation.

How to Use

  • Soak few flax seed in water for about 4 hours. Drink it before sleep and you will be free from constipation problem.
  • Alternatively, drink a glass of orange juice having 1 spoon of flaxseed oil in it. Positive results can be seen with regular use.

9. Yogurt

Yogurt is a rich source of probiotics and good bacteria which helps in keeping digestive smooth. Digestive system needs good bacteria which help in digestion of food. Yogurt with presence of such bacteria’s can do wonders to problem of constipation. Eating a bowl of yogurt daily will be really helpful in constipation.

10. Baking Soda

baking soda
Baking soda because of bicarbonate can be natural home remedy to treat constipation. Baking soda helps in passing out air from body and moving out solids from body smoothly. It helps in keeping acid level of stomach in control.

How to Use

  • Drink a glass of warm water by adding spoon of baking soda. Try to drink it in one go so that you can see results in quick time.

11. Black Molasses

black molasses constipation remedy
Black Molasses can be natural home remedy to treat constipation because of natural laxative properties. It helps in maintaining proper bowel movement so decrease chances of getting constipation.

How to Use

  • Mix 1 teaspoon of black strap molasses in glass of milk or fruit juice and drink it to get rid of constipation.

12. Exercise

Lack of physical activity in daily routine is one of reason behind constipation. If persons working schedule is such that has to sit only on chair and lacks physical movement in that case exercise is best way to bring physical activity in routine. Do yoga or going gym to stretch your muscles daily will really help in digestive tracts. Never do heavy exercise after taking meals as it will have a negative effect instead of positive result. Morning walk or evening walk will do wonders to get rid of constipation and many other health problems.

13. Eat Fiber Rich Food

Lack of fiber is the reason behind poor digestive system which leads to constipation. Presence of sufficient fiber in food which we eat is must otherwise there will be fewer benefits we can extract from food. Try to consume those items in your diet which are rich of fiber like whole wheat bread, beans, potatoes, peas, apples, banana and berries.

14. Drink Sufficient Water

Drinking less water in a day leads to dehydration and it means less water for digestion of food and hardens the stool which is difficult to get rid of. With sufficient intake of water problem of constipation can be avoided. Always drink 8 to 10 glasses to keep body hydrated and treating constipation.

So before visiting doctor try above discussed natural home remedies to get rid of constipation.



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