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Amazing Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water in the Morning

By Samantha / Feb 6, 2015

Amazing Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water in the Morning
We make lots of efforts to stay healthy and fit, from eating healthy diet to spending time in gym. Sometimes we forget some simple ideas of staying fit and active, one such is drinking warm lemon juice every morning on empty stomach. It is the simplest yet effective way of avoiding all common health ailments. You just need to make it a daily morning routine. Lemon is one of the common things you will found in your kitchen. It is cheap and easily available for the whole year. Lemon is a citrus fruit with refreshing properties which makes it the most popular drink to have especially during summer.

When it comes to health benefits of lemon, the list is long and widely followed by people from centuries. Lemon is a good source of vitamins, minerals required for proper functioning of our body. Vitamin C which is found in abundance is the main reason why lemon is so popular among people of most countries. Vitamin C is an amazing antioxidant that improves our immune system and makes our body stronger to fight bacterial infections. Copper, calcium and potassium are essential minerals found in lemons which help differently to our body. Calcium makes the bones strong, potassium helps to maintain the PH balance and copper cools down the burns with its anti-
inflammatory properties.

How to Make a Lemon Drink?


  • Take a glass of fresh water and make it lukewarm on you gas stove. Warm water helps in washing out the sticky oils and fat from system.
  • Cut 1 lemon in half and squeeze in the warm water and mix with help of teaspoon. Keep as note that you use fresh lemon because bad lemon can make your throat sore.
  • Drink this as first thing before you brush your teeth or eat anything. Make sure you don’t eat or drink anything for 30 minutes after drinking lemon water.

Health Benefits of Warm Lemon Water Drink Every Morning

Health Benefits of Warm Lemon Water Drink Every Morning

1. Digestion

Lemon juice helps in digestion by flushing out the toxins and chemicals from the body. The vitamins and minerals found in lemon help by loosening the ama from the digestive tract. It makes the liver to produce more bile, which is an acid necessary for digestion. Lemons are also helpful in getting relief from heartburn and bloating which commonly results due to indigestion. It cures constipation by making the bowel to move with ease during mornings.

2. Boosts Immune System

Better immunity keeps the common cold and flu away. Lemon with its vitamin C content and anti-bacterial properties helps to improve the immune system and makes our body tough & strong to fight common illness and infections. Besides vitamin C lemons are known to have potassium which supports stable blood pressure and stimulates brain and nerve function. It enhances the iron absorption ability of the body and iron is an important nutrient and plays important role in immune system functioning.

3. Cleanses the System

Lemon juice mixed with warm water cleans the digestive tract by removing toxins and chemicals from system. It cleans the sticky oils and unwanted materials from stomach and flushes them out through urination. Lemon increases the urination and keeps the urinary tract healthy without any infections. Moreover it helps the liver by boosting detoxification.

4. Hydrates Body

Deeply dehydrated body lead to toxic build-up, stress and constipation and halts the proper functioning of body. Lemon helps to maintain the optimum level of water in the body and prevent dehydration which can be life threatening. Lemon along with water helps to concentrate sodium which is important mineral to keep the body hydrated. Mainly during hot summer days when you lose lot of water in form of sweat, lemon juice is highly useful in hydration and refreshes your body.

5. pH Balance

Lemon yet acidic in its nature have the most alkaline effects inside our body. Lemon contains citric and ascorbic acids which metabolized the body and minerals from lemon alkalize the blood. Our body is more prone to diseases when pH level is acidic. Drinking lemon juice daily helps to maintain pH balance by removing excess acid from the body and prevents pain and inflammation due to uric acid. pH level less than 7.0 is considered as acidic and more than 7.0 is alkaline.

6. Skin Clarity

The amount of antioxidants found in lemon helps immensely to reduce fine wrinkles and prevent skin from free radical damage. Lemon tightens the skin and its rich vitamin C content plays an important role for glowing skin. Alongside the alkaline effect it has inside body kills bacteria that cause acne. Even it can be applied directly on facial scars and aging spots to reduce their visibility. Lemon rejuvenates and freshen-up the skin from inside the body.

7. Energizes and Enhances Mood

Lemon quickly charges the tired body with energy which is required to do any task. The energy our body gets from food comes from atoms and molecules found in food. When we eat something the positive charged ions from food enters the digestive tract and makes interaction with negative charged enzymes which leads to reaction. This reaction generates energy which our body use to perform any task. Refreshing fragrance of lemon brightens the dull mood and also reduces anxiety and stress.

8. Freshens Breath

Anti-bacterial properties of lemon washes out the mouth bacteria that cause bad breath. Besides this lemon aids to relieve from tooth ache and oral disease like gingivitis. Make sure to rinse your mouth with simple water after drinking lemon water to avoid enamel damage. Do not brush your teeth right after lemon drink. It is wise to brush your teeth first and then drink lemon water.

9. Weight Loss

If you ask people why you drink warm lemon water every morning, most of them will answer “to lose weight”. Lemon mater is the most popular and effective remedy used for weight loss. It cleans the fat from within the body. High amount of antioxidants in lemon increases the metabolism rate, which works fast to burn fat from the body. Pectin fibre acts to carve hunger and you get a feeling of full stomach. Whenever you feel the need to eat something you can drink warm lemon water which not only will full but also boost the energy levels of body.

10. Liver Purification

Liver is the one of most important organ in body which cleans the blood from impurities by removing toxins known as detoxification. Liver also produce proteins and chemicals which are essential for proper digestion of food. Drinking lemon water helps the liver to work more efficiently by producing more enzymes in the body. It also lessen the workload of liver by increasing the rate of urination which itself acts to purify body.

11. Hair Benefits

Along with skin, lemon also works for the well being of hairs by preventing problems such as dandruff, dryness and split ends etc. Its anti bacterial and anti fungal properties helps by keeping the scalp clean and fresh. Besides lemon drink you can also use lemon juice to wash your hairs.

12. Treats Cold and Flu

Honey and lemon is used from centuries for the treatment of cold and flu. Warm water lemon juice when mixed with honey works wonderfully well to treat chest infections. It has anti viral and anti bacterial properties which fights with virus and bacteria that cause cold and flu. Lemon also boosts the immune system and makes your body stronger.

13. Healthy Heart

Heart is the king organ of our body and its health is vital for proper functioning of body. Drinking lemon juice helps in a big way to keep the heart healthy. Lemons are rich source of potassium and vitamin C which we know now, potassium controls the blood pressure and vitamins C lowers the cholesterol levels and avoid formation of blood clotting in vessels. It prevents several heart problems like strokes and heart attacks.

Lemons has so many benefits which makes it a must have in kitchen. Make a habit of drinking warm lemon water every morning, by doing this you will keep many of the health problems far and away from you.



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