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How Onion Juice Helps in Hair Growth and Prevents Hair Loss?

By Samantha / Feb 9, 2015

How Onion Juice Helps in Hair GrowthAre you worried seeing number of hairs falling from your head? Have tried many products but none seems to have worked to stop hair fall. You seem to forget looking inside your kitchen because there is one product which can be the most effective solution for your hair loss problem. Wondering what that product is? It’s Onion, Yes it is the most common kitchen item used in everyday cooking which will not only prevent rapid hair loss but also promote new hair growth on your head.

Onion juice is very effective to spot fast hair fall and regular use of it will also lead to growth of new hair follicle. The best part about using onion for your hair care is that it is safe and has no side effects. Onions can be found easily throughout the whole year and are cheap in price so puts no burden on your pocket. You might be thinking about the bad smell onions has and wondering how to use them for hair growth. Forget about the smell just remember your problem of hair loss and bald patches which started to appear on your head. You won’t find any other cheap yet effective solution for your hair loss problem.

Does Onion Juice Really Works?

You might want to know how onion juice helps in curbing hair fall and promotes hair growth. Onion contains high about of sulphur which works by improving blood circulation on your head scalp. Moreover anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties of onion help in treating fungal and scalp infections. Regular use of onion juice will make your hair line thick and also protect your scalp from various types of infections. Your scalp can face many types of problems like yeast infections, dandruff and fungal, and onion juice helps in treating all of them and promotes natural growth of new hairs.

How to Use Onion Juice for Hair Growth?

  1. Take four to five small to medium sized onions and peel the cover of them.
  2. Wash onions with water. You can either use hand grinder or electric grinder to grind onions to make a paste. Extract the juice from onion paste in glass bowl.
  3. Apply onion juice directly on your scalp. Remember juice to be applied on scalp not hairs and massage your head gently with your hands.
  4. You will have to leave it for at least 45 minutes to 1 hour to work better. Then first rinse your hairs with plain water then wash your hairs with mild shampoo.

How to Use Onion Juice for Hair Growth?

Remember you need to have patience when it comes to hairs because nothing will work overnight to give results. With regular use of onion juice will surely stop hair loss in few weeks and new hairs will start to grow after two to three months. Along with application, consumption of onions is also important for having healthy and strong hair. Make onion a regular part of your daily diet plan, either eat raw onion as salad with your meal or add onion in your recipes.

Various Methods of Using Onion Juice for Hair Growth

1. Raw Onion Juice

The one of the easiest way to drive benefits of onion on hairs is by directly applying its juice on scalp and hairs. Just blend four to five onions with help of blender and extract juice from them. Apply this juice on scalp and leave it for 45 minutes, then wash with pain water first then with mild shampoo. It will start to show good results in two to three months if applied once or twice every week.

2. Honey and Onion Juice Mix

With this method you can mix 1 full tablespoon of honey in half cup of onion juice. You need to drink this mixture every day along with application of same on your scalp and hair. Leave it for 20 to 30 minutes and then rinse with pain water. Drinking onion juice makes your hair healthy from inside.

3. Oil and Onion Juice Mix

The basic idea is to use onion juice either directly or you can mix three to four big tablespoons of onion juice with one tablespoon of coconut oil or olive oil or mustard oil or any other hair oil. Gently massage your scalp with this blend for 15 to 20 minutes then rinse with water. This remedy is good for people who have itchy and dry scalp. You can use this regularly for treating your hair loss.

4. Onion Juice and Rum Concoction

This method can be used by people who cannot stand by the smell of onions, especially using onion juice on head that spreads the smell on whole face. Take some finely chopped onions and put them in a glass of rum. Leave it overnight for rum to extract the benefits from onions. At morning remove the onion pieces from rum and use the leftover liquid to massage your scalp, and then rinse with plain water followed by mild shampoo wash. It will work great for you to stop rapid hair fall and induce new hair growth.

Using onion for hair growth is effective and tested home remedy which is easy to use and cheap. The only problem above you is its bad smell. If you can tolerate the smell of onions they will become the soul of your lifeless hairs. Easier said than done for most people smell of onion is intolerable and hard to resist. They just need to keep in mind the amazing benefits onion delivers to their hairs and cures your long term problem of hair fall. Remember it is better to stand tough for few months rather than suffering embarrassment for rest of your life.

If you have tried using onion juice for hair growth, share your experience with us by commenting below.



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