How To Get Flat Tummy In 10 Days?

How To Get Flat Tummy In 10 Days?
Most middle age people desire to have flat tummy so that they can easily fit into their dresses especially bottoms. It is so embarrassing for fat tummy people to public their waist size in front of close friends and colleagues. More over for overall personality and good looks you want straight and flat tummy.

If you have thick layer of fat around your tummy and wondering how to remove that fat quickly, this is the place for you. Good news is that you can remove that extra tummy fat in just 10 days, stop wondering because it is possible and practical. With some changes in lifestyle, proper diet and few exercises, it is possible to get flat tummy in 10 days. Recommended special diet and exercises directly targets the abdominal area to melt tummy fat. It is important to strictly follow the advised routine day by day for results.

Day 1

It is the most important day of every diet plan. First day of your efforts towards getting flat tummy starts by removing all junk food items from home to insure no chance of failing. Add more & more fresh fruits and vegetables along with fibre rich foods like, whole grain, low-fat dairy products, nuts, beans, poultry etc. in your kitchen. The idea is to avoid carbohydrate rich foods on first day. Drink 10 to 12 glasses of water and if possible drink lukewarm water as it will clean your body by removing extra fat. You can also have fast for one or two days prior to day one where you can only consume 3-5 drinks made apple cider vinegar.

Prepare a drink by mixing 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, 1 tablespoon of honey and 1 glass of water. Drink this for 2 to 3 times in whole day.

Day 2

On day two try to eat more boiled or raw vegetables. Don’t remain hungry for more time so try to eat after every 2 or 3 hours. This is important to insure increase in metabolic rate and balances the blood sugar level. Eating consistent servings of fruits and vegetables won’t make you go crazy for food. Avoid eating bananas. If you have some exercise routine then continue with that along with diet changes mentioned above. If you don’t exercise at all, it is time to start with morning walk of 30 to 40 minutes.

Day 3

Day 3 starts with addition of 50 grams of carbohydrate in your breakfast. A cup of oats have 50 grams of carbohydrate in them which you can consume in your breakfast. Low crap diet is important for fast fat reduction. For remaining day you can consume why protein, yogurt, fresh fruits and vegetables. Avoid any use of vegetable oil, butter, pure ghee in your meal. You can use olive oil or fish oil for your meals and that too in limited quantity. You can start doing certain fat burning exercises like breathing squat. Do jogging for half of the time during your morning walk.

Day 4

Omelette made from three eggs along with some vegetables can be consumed in your breakfast. You can also consume some snacks like boiled chicken with red pepper and turkey breast if you are non-vegetarian. Make sure the quantity of chicken and turkey breast should not be more than 150 grams. At lunch you can eat fruits salad or salad made of raw vegetables and olive oil. During a day if you feel hungry can eat few nuts like almonds. Start doing some crunches along with your daily exercises and walking. It will help in mobilize the fat from your tummy.

Day 5

Start drinking skimmed milk along with fruits on day 5. Eat one or two bananas as it will keep the hunger away. It also gives you required amount carbohydrate to your body. Vegetable soup and fresh salads can be consumed for avoiding food craving. Drink plenty of water, it will keep you hydrated and flush extra fat from stomach. Do some sit-ups in addition to exercise you already do on daily basis.

Day 6

On day 6 your breakfast can include green beans, tomatoes and scrambled eggs made from one egg and two egg whites. Fish, lean meat and grilled chicken can be consumed as snacks. Remember to eat five servings of fresh fruits and vegetables in a day. Don’t drink water right after eating meal rather drink when you have empty stomach usually 30 minutes after eating meal. Continue to do all the exercises discussed above, just increase their number and time spent.

Day 7

Vegetarians can eat steamed spinach, grilled tomatoes and non- vegetarians can have chicken, duck breast either grilled or boiled in their breakfast. Brazilian nuts, almonds, watermelon seeds, grilled broccoli will make a good and tastier snack. All physical workouts will be replaced with aerobic exercises on day 7. This change will give your body a shock and metabolic rate will jump to lose belly fat much faster. Recommended time for aerobic exercises is 30 minutes.

Day 8

Opt for breakfast that has whole wheat bread and omelette made from 2 white eggs. Remember to drink those 8 to 10 glasses of water in a day. Eat your fruit and vegetable servings. Swimming can make an addition to exercise routine. Yogurt fruit dip will make a good snack.

Day 9

Just like day 8 this is also vegetarian day. Eat those fresh fruits and vegetables which you are already consuming in previous days. Eat more fibre vegetables for better results. Coming to exercising part either do a batch of crunches and sit-ups or swimming and aerobic exercises.

Day 10

The last day of plan will start with breakfast made from whole grain items and fruits. Same daily routine of low-fat and high fibre diet of soups and snacks will be followed. Add variety to your exercise by doing rope jumping and leg luck exercise. Continue to eat low sugar and low crab diet for long lasting results.

Do you want to reduce fat around your waistline to get flat tummy in 10 days? The above plan of diet and exercise will work wonderfully well by increasing metabolic rate of your system.



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