How To Keep Blood Sugar Level Under Control?

How To Keep Blood Sugar Level Under Control?Optimum level of sugar in our blood is highly important for nervous system to work properly. Over the time high levels of sugar in blood could invite some serious health problems like nerves breakdown. Nerves are very important part of our body which works as messenger. Nerves send signals to our body parts starting from fingers to legs and control every function of body like heart beat. With the level of glucose increase in blood for a consistent period of time damages the walls of blood vessels which take care of nerves network.

About 70 percentage of person suffering from diabetes have some sort of nerve damage medically called neuropathy. Those people who living as diabetic from several years are at great risk of neuropathy. Even those who are facing high blood sugar at initial stages can also have nerve damage.

The problem of high blood sugar is seen not only in adults but children too irrespective of him being male or female. If not taken care properly it can lead to lifelong disease called diabetes which is very complicated to maintain. The reasons behind your out of control blood sugar can be your lifestyle and diet and you can lower the possibilities of diabetes by making certain changes in food you eat and life you live daily. To add to your worry and make you give proper attention to this problem, low level of sugar is more serious and life threatening.
Good news is that there are many home remedies that we can adopt to control blood sugar level. But it is important to understand the causes and symptoms behind high and low sugar in blood.

Causes of High/Low Blood Sugar

  1. The main cause behind low blood sugar is your efforts towards controlling diabetes. Sometimes medicines you take in diabetes works beyond the limit to control blood sugar making it fall below limit.
  2. Excess dose of insulin before meal and then eating inadequate food will lead to low blood sugar.
  3. Insulin helps in converting the sugar of food in to energy which is used for different body exercises. Inadequate insulin in body results in high blood sugar.
  4. High blood sugar also results from excessive intake of foods that are rich in carbohydrates and fat.
  5. People who experience low blood sugar faint all of sudden and can go in coma.

Symptoms of High/Low Blood Sugar

  • Pain in legs and feet
  • Frequent Urine
  • Blur and unclear vision
  • Frequent hunger and need of water
  • Extreme Sweat
  • Anxiety
  • Weakness

Home Remedies to Control Blood Sugar Levels

Whole Grain Bread

Sugar does not only relates to products that are sweet in taste like candies, sweets etc. White flour products have high amount of sugar which is transferred to our body when consumed daily. So try to avoid white flour bread and replace them with whole grain breads. Whole grain products are full of fibre and proteins that helps by keeping blood sugar under control.

Dairy Products

Dairy products like milk, cheese and yogurt are must to have in healthy meal. These products are rich of calcium and protein and consumption of fat dairy products are necessary for growth of our bones. However recent studies have found that people who consume good portions of high fat dairy products are at less risk of developing dainties. Fat found in products like milk, cheese, butter and yogurt helps in controlling insulin sensitivity by metabolising body glucose.

Magnesium Diet

Magnesium rich food are not only good for you health but it prevents you from developing type2 diabetes. Spinach is one of the high sources of magnesium so add it to your daily meal. Other green leafy vegetables and nuts are also full of magnesium and if you are non-veg fish is beneficial for you. Magnesium rich foods help in lowering the risk of diabetes.

Cardamom Spice

It is one spice that is useful for people with high blood sugar. Cardamom helps in lowering the glucose level by 30 percent. Make a habit of chewing cardamom, put some of these in your pocket and eat one or two when you feel free throughout the day. Beside this you can sprinkle cardamom powder on your tea, coffee and yogurt.

Drink More Water

Water is what we drink when we feel thirsty but not everyone knows the qualities of water it provides to our body. Drinking of 4 glasses of water on empty stomach every morning is very helpful in controlling sugar. Make this a daily morning routine and you will see the results just need be patient because results don’t appear in short span.


Buckwheat is a whole grain which is full of fibre and essential proteins and known to control blood sugar level in the body. There are some studies done on rats which proved that this Japanese grain helps in lowing sugar. Japanese soba noodles made from buckwheat are good alternative of your dinner.

Avoid Oily Deep Fried Food

You need to cut the consumption of saturated fat in order to control blood sugar. Food items such as fries, junk food and food deep fries in oil are harmful for a diabetic person. So it is better to keep them away and eat a healthy diet recommend by your doctor.

Exercise Daily

A simple morning walk for about 30 to 40 minutes will do you lots of good if you are suffering from diabetes. Even short walk after every main meal you consume in day will not only help in digestion but also reduce the effect of sugar you received from that meal by converting in to useful energy. Exercise daily will help you keep fit and healthy and lowers the risk of weakness caused due to diabetes.

Laugh Therapy

I usually see group of people laughs loudly at my morning walk. Laugh helps in relieving tension and stress that is why people are making every effort to add lots of laugh in their life. It is good to have one good laugh session after your dinner, as it helps by lowering the glucose level in blood.


Grapefruit helps by increasing the metabolism process. It ensures glucose metabolism and lowers the sugar levels in the body.

Physical Training

The more physically engaged you are in, the more amount of sugar you will burn from the body. If your job lacks any physical activity then you can do some kind of training or workouts at home or gym. It will help immensely in keeping blood sugar levels at control.

Eat Regularly in Small Meals

Eating large quantities of meals are not advised for diabetic people. Large meal consumption will generate large amount of glucose which body will not able to handle. So divide your meals in two parts and eat with a difference of 2 hours between them. It is also important not to stay hungry for a long time as it will increase the risk of low blood sugar. Eat at regular intervals in small quantities is recommended.

Sleep Well and Relax

Adequate sleep is necessary for overall physical and mental health. It also helps in keeping a check on sugar levels in blood. So have enough sleep, relax and live happily without taking too much stress.
These are some tips that will help you if you are diabetic and finding it hard to control your sugar levels.



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