How to Look Beautiful Without Makeup? – 10 Simple Tips

How to Look Beautiful Without Makeup?

All girls and women love there Makeup, because every girl wants to loos good and makeup has magic qualities to conceal the problems of skin. Not every girl has naturally beautiful skin, so they need there makeup to hide the skin flaws to look good. The main aim is to look beautiful and have glowing skin, and you don’t always need makeup to look good. Girls with naturally beautiful skin don’t need any makeup.

Here I will give you some useful tips to look beautiful naturally without makeup.

Simple Tips to Look Beautiful Naturally

1. Drink Lots of Water

No matter what is season winter or summer, make a habit to drink lot of water throughout the day. You should drink minimum of 8 glasses of water. Water helps in hydrating your skin and keeps your skin moisture intact. Water also helps in maintaining the PH balance of your skin by washing the toxins and wastes from your body. Start your day drinking two glasses of water every day, it will be more beneficial.

2. Moisturizer

Moisturizer not only helps in keeping your face skin moist but it prevents premature arrival of wrinkles and ageing lines. So use good quality natural moisturizer free from chemicals. Choose wisely according to skin need like sensitive skin requires gentle and light and dry skin requires nourishing moisturizer with lots of moist ingredients like shea butter etc. Apply moisturizer on your face, neck, hands and feet, because initially these areas of body show sign of aging.

3. Daily Wash with Face Wash

Clean skin will look beautiful naturally. Use good quality face wash to clean your face daily. Our face skin comes in direct contact with dirt and dust so it is required to remove all dirt and pollution from your face. Use of face wash will open the blocked pores and makes your face glow further. It is recommended to wash your face at morning during bath and before you go to bed.

4. Use Toner Daily

Toner is one thing which more girls and women overlooked without knowing the benefits it has for your skin. Most ladies cares there cleaning and moisturizing but forgets about toner. Toner not only helps in tightening the skin but also make your skin complexion fair and bright. It helps in cleaning the excess oil from skin and gives your skin protection from wrinkles. Toner should be used every day after face wash and before applying moisturizer.

5. Sunscreen Cream

Harmful UVA/UVB rays from sun can damage your skin so badly, even use of makeup will be of no use. So make every effort to protect your skin from these harmful sun rays. No matter it is winter, summer or it rains you need sunscreen daily. Keep a check in choosing the sunscreen with minimum SPF 30, because lower SPF won’t work in extreme sun days.

6. Exfoliate

Exfoliation helps in removing dry and dead skin cells from your face skin and makes your skin fresh and look glow. Take a piece of wash cloth and soak it in warm water. Gently rub your face with this cloth in a circular motion. Make sure you do it slowly and gently don’t rub your face vigorously as it can damage your skin.

9. Shampoo Regular

Not daily but you should wash your hairs with shampoo every 2 to 3 days. Our hair has to face dirt and dust and scalps produce lots of oil, so it is highly important to clean your hairs regularly which make them look fresh and clean.

7. Remove Complete Makeup

Yes, we are talking about how to look beautiful without makeup but you tend to use makeup on some special occasions in your life. There is no harm in applying makeup occasionally; you just need to be careful that you remove your makeup before going to sleep. Leftover makeup will block your skin pores and it will lead to pimples and other skin related problems. Wash your face with face wash and use makeup remover products to remove your eye makeup. Don’t forget to use moisturizer after cleaning and washing.

8. Stop Playing With Your Face

Most people have a habit of rubbing their face, foreheads and eyes with hands. People tend to rest there face on hand when doing activities like watching movie etc., but this practice is very harmful as oil and bacteria of your hands will spoil the skin of your face and makes it loose and oily. More likely you will get problems like pimples, wrinkles and aging lines.

10. Be Healthy Inside

Eat healthy diet that is full of fresh fruits and vegetables, stop or reduce oily foods, drink lots of water at least 8-10 glasses of water in a day, start your day with glass of warm water and lemon juice instead of tea and coffee, don’t take stress live a life which is full of enjoy and smile. These things will not only make you healthier inside but also make your skin glow like sun.

Find some more tips that will make you look beautiful

  1. Regularly trim your hairs to prevent them from split ends.
  2. Put your hands in pockets; don’t ever try to touch your pimple, or acne marks. This will leave permanent scars on your face.
  3. Don’t rub your eyes, face and forehead with your hands.
  4. Stop eating nails, get them trimmed with nail cutter and keep them in shape and polished.
  5. Avoid drinking excess tea or coffee. Keep the quantity to 1 or 2 cups.
  6. Always love your sleep, at least 8 hours of sleep is necessary for good skin.
  7. Brush your teeth twice a day. Once every morning and night before going to bed, this will maintain your teeth and gums health.
  8. Eat healthy diet that does not have junk and deep fried foods.
  9. Eat your fruits and vegetables, have your salads in meals and avoid beverages.
  10. Scrub your face once a week to remove blackheads.
  11. Be well dress. Wear clothes that are well fitted and makes you feel comfortable.

These above tips will not only enhance the quality of skin but also make you glow from inside. Remember there is not such product that will change the colour of your skin, irrespective of the colour of skin you have what is more important is that you have skin that is healthy and glowing. So don’t ever fall in traps of advertisements of products promise to turn you white. Follow these skincare tips and you will look beautiful and young.

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