How to Lose Weight Fast and Naturally?

How to Lose Weight Fast and Naturally?

Are you over weight, and wondering how to lose weight naturally? Losing weight is not just about dieting or not eating. If you think by reducing the amount of food you eat in day will do the job. You are wrong then, because it will not only be harmful to your overall health but also make you weak inside. Weight loss is all about changing eating habits. You just have to make note of what you eat throughout the day and make a healthy eating plan by removing the food that are making you obese and adding the foods that helps in losing weight.

Overweight or Obesity is serious problem which most of the people face in world. Being obese is an issue that we know but being overweight calls many serious health issues like hypertension and heart problems. Person with overweight is most likely to suffer from diabetes also. These are silent diseases that can become life threatening at any stage of your life. Not only heath wise but fat person tag will make you depress and will make you short of confidence. You will lose your body shape and will feel inferior to your colleagues and friends.

There are so many problems we discuss an overweight person suffers but the question is how can we shed that extra weight from our body. There are many natural ways and home remedies to attain he goal of weight loss. But it is important to remember there is no magic as these remedies won’t give you result in one or two days. You need to be patient in your efforts towards weight loss. You have not put on extra weight in one day so it is not possible to lose it in short span of time. First question comes to your mind How to know that you are overweight or not? How much extra fat your body has put on?

BMI (Body Mass Index)

It calculates the index of your weight and height. It shows if your weight is optimum or not in accordance with your height. Lower the BMI means you are underweight and thin. It means you have to put on some more weight to be normal. BMI 20-25 is considered to be less than normal. If BMI is 25 – 30 then you are having normal weight according to your height. You not need to worry and no change in your daily life are required. BMI greater than 30 means you have extra weight looming on your body which need to be removed.

body-mass-index-men body-mass-index-women

No need of dieting, no need to go for unnatural ways of weight loss like weight loss pills, surgery etc. We will teach you natural ways to lose weight that works actually in reducing weight without any harmful effect on your health. Find below some of the best weight loss remedies at home that help in lose weight fast and safe.

Top 10 Weight Loss Tips

weight loss tips

1. Diet for Weight Loss

When it comes to diet it does not mean stop or reduce eating. It is more to concern with what to eat or what should we eat and what not to? It is one of the main thing to take note that nobody will lose weight by stop eating, rather it is important to understand we should eat those food that don’t force the weight increase. Junk and fast foods items like burgers, pastries etc., and oily deep fried foods are full of calories and will make you gain more weight. You have to stop eating raw food items and need to follow healthy diet plan. Diet full of fruits and vegetables is beneficial in reducing weight.

2. Exercise

Today most of us live a life that lacks any physical work, even our work is such which demands less or no physical work. In past people use to do hard physical jobs and that is why they were fit and had strong bodies. I will not ask you to do hard labour but simple physical body excesses are very important for a fit body. You don’t even need to join the gym just make a habit of walk after you ate your lunch and dinner or walk to the grocery shop etc. If possible make a routine of morning walk because at morning your body tends to burn more fat.

3. Drink Lots of Water

Drinking adequate amount of water in a day not only helps in weight loss but it makes your body free from and risk of common diseases like acidity, high blood pressure etc. It is important that your body remains hydrated throughout the day so you should drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water in 1 whole day. If possible drink Luke warm water as it washes the toxic materials and fat oils from your body and makes your body lose weight fast.

4. Honey, Lemon and Hot Water

Just when you woke up at morning before doing anything, take a glass of hot water, add 1 tablespoon of honey, squeeze 1 lemon mix and drink. Do not eat or drink for 30 to 45 minutes after this. This is one of the very effective remedy of weight lose which can be followed easily.

5. Avoid Cold Drinks and Pack Juices

Say no to any carbonated beverages like cola or pepsi and packed juices. These drinks have high amount of calories that leads to weight gain. You can always replace these with homemade fruit juices which are natural and are full of nutrition.

6. Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

fresh fruits and vegetables for weight
Replace your meal with fresh fruits and raw vegetables. Fruits and vegetables contain high amount of fibre and antioxidants which helps in burning extra fat from the body. Replace your meal with fruits and boiled vegetables for low calorie consumption and high vitamins and nutrition. Avoid fruits like banana, mango and eat more watermelon, avocado, orange etc. Avoid dairy foods like full cream milk, cheese, butter as these are full of fat and calories.

7. Enough Sleep for Fit Body

If you are not getting enough sleep it means you’re not mental health is not good. Unless your mental condition is not fine you cannot be physically fit. Today most of us are having jobs that are more mentally demanding and to add to this are mobile phone and social media. People are so busy with their mobiles that it has started affecting their sleep. It is important to have at least 8 hours of night sleep so best is to switch off your mobiles, tv and lights by 10 PM.

8. Snack Foods and Weight

Most of us love our snacks these days. Snack foods like burger, noodles, chips, cookies etc. name of these snacks makes our mouth full of water, but the amount of calories these food items sent to our body is very much. For any weight loss plan to work you have to say big no to these foods.

9. Limit Salt and Sugar

It is important to stop sugar and sugar products. Sugar produces extra fat which our body can’t consume and lead to weight gain. So for weight loss you need to stop intake of sugar substance. Salt have sodium that makes you fat, so to reduced the amount of sodium in your body you should lower the intake of salt and use brand of salt that have less sodium.

10. Herbal Green Tea

Green tea also called herbal tea is very beneficial in shedding the extra fat from body. Green tea contain high amount of antioxidants which have fat burning attributes. Green tea is easily available in market. It is advice to drink it without sugar and milk. It really works like wonder in losing weight.

There is no short way to lose weight, it very important you stay positive after you started your weight loss program. Weight lose is not one day process it need continuous and daily commitment towards your eating goals. Be natural it may be long process but it guarantees you permanent results.



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HealthGirl21 - Feb 19, 2015

This really is one of the good ways to lose weight as a
cut-off time stops you from mindlessly snacking until you go to bed.
Tip: To avoid wasting food, always request for the exact portion size
you need where possible when you eat out.
But note that your weight loses as a result of muscle loss, not fat, which isn’t what
you aim for.

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