Top 10 Foods to Gain Weight Fast

By Samantha / Feb 24, 2015

Top 10 Foods to Gain Weight FastIf overweight is an issue, being underweight is also a health issue. Mostly we hear from peoples that they want to lose some weight so that he/she can remain fit and healthy but there are peoples also who are thin and skinny and they always ask how he can put on some weight so that he/she looks attractive and fit. Everyone wants ideal weight but it changes with change in age, height and gender.

To gain weight you need to consume more calories than calories burnt doing day to day activities. There could be many reasons for not having proper weight like eating less calories dense food, skipping meals, burning more calories that intake with extra physical activities, hereditary problem, and stress. Diseases like cancer, diabetes, hormonal imbalances and tuberculosis also reason behind less weight.

Eating more will help to increase in weight but this does not mean that you eat whatever comes your way. Proper balanced diet full of proteins, fibre and fat helps to increase in weight. Bad eating habit can lead to obesity because eating food that contains fat only will going to increase more health problems. If you are facing problems of being under weight than make efforts to gain weight otherwise there will be more health and social issues you have to face like anemia, heart issues, immunity issues and infertility or hearing various names from friends like pole, mosquito and lizard etc.

Market is full of various weight gain supplements and medicines but short cut methods always give problems at later stages so always go for natural ways to gain weight. As diet chart is required for weight loss same way it is also required for weight gain. All efforts are concentrated towards consuming more calories than spent doing regular activities. Eating high calories food and proper exercises can help in gaining weight.

Natural Home Remedies For Weight Gain

1. Banana

If you want to gain weight naturally then eating bananas regularly is a natural way to reach goal. Banana is a rich source of vitamins, iron and potassium etc. Banana is a calorie dense food so by eating one normal size banana one can get 120 calories. It is an instant source of energy.

How to Use

  • Eat one to two ripe bananas in the morning as breakfast. It will give feeling of satisfaction and energy to do day to day activities because of high calories.
  • Alternatively, make milk shake by blending bananas and milk. Drink this banana milk shake 2 times a day. Honey can be added to milk shake as it will also help in weight gain.

2. Raisins

Raisins are rich source of vitamins and other nutrients. High contents of fructose in raisins will help in putting on weight. Raisins are dried grapes and eating about 50 gm of raisins will give about 150 Kcal. Drinking milk after eating raisins will help in achieving goal quickly and risk free.

How to Use

  • Soak about 30 gm of raisins in water overnight. Eat these soaked raisins in two portions over the day. Drink one glass of warm milk after eating raisins will help to gain weight quickly.
  • Do it daily for 2-3 months to see change in weight.

3. Potatoes

potatoes for weight gain
We usually hear that people advise fat people to cut down potatoes from their diet. On an opposite side for thin and skinny people potatoes can be natural home remedy to put on weight. Rich content of carbohydrates and sugar in potatoes makes it a must eat item to gain weight. 100gm of potatoes can give about 18 gm of carbohydrates. Potatoes can be consumed in fried or boiled form but if you are going to eat fried ones than make sure you fry then in olive oil as it is good for health due to less cholesterol.

How to Use

  • Increase consumption of potatoes in your daily diet in baked, boiled or fried form. Eat potatoes daily for minimum 2 month to notice weight gain.

4. Eggs

High contents of fats and proteins make eggs a natural food item to gain weight. Proteins are necessary for getting strong muscles. Most people recommend consuming white part of egg as white part of egg is proteins and yellow yolk is fats. 100 gm of eggs give 13 gm of protein and 10.6 gm of fats. Regular consumption of eggs is recommended for weight gain.

How to Use

  • Eat two to three boiled eggs daily in breakfast. Skinny people can eat yellow yolk also as fats are also needed for them. Even omelette can be an alternative option as a daily meal. Eating eggs for about one to two months on daily basis will help in weight gain.
  • Drinking a mixture made of milk and egg whites daily can also do wonder on weight.

5. Dairy Products

dairy products
Dairy products like milk, butter, clarified butter and cheese are rich source of fat and proteins. Increasing consumption of dairy products can help to gain weight quickly. High calories per serving of dairy products make it a first choice for people who want to gain weight.

How to Use

  • Drink at least three glass of milk in a day regularly for 2 months to see increase in weight.
    Increase consumption of cheese on daily basis.
  • Use clarified butter while cooking and consume salted butter in breakfast as consuming 5gm of butter gives 36 calories.

6. Fruit juices

fresh fruit juices
If you want to gain weight then increase intake of fresh fruit juices. Don’t drink packed fruit juices available in market as they may contain preservatives which can have negative effect on health. Drink juices extracted from fresh fruits. One glass of fruit juice can give about 50 calories. More calories in a day increase chances of gaining weight.

How to Use

  • Drink two glasses of fresh fruit juices one in morning and one in evening on daily basis for 3 months to gain weight.

7. Nuts

Gain weight by consuming nuts like almonds, peanuts, cashew and walnuts etc on regular basis. Eating handful of these nuts give vitamins, fibre, protein and minerals which help in gaining weight and living healthy life. Nuts are instant source of energy so it should be always there in pocket if more physical activity involved in your work. Chewing few of them while working always keep you energetic.

How to Use

  • Soak few almonds and raisins in water overnight. Eat these soaked almonds after taking off their peel along with raisins. Drink one glass of warm milk after eating them will fasten weight gain.
  • Eating 50-70 gm of nuts includes cashew, almonds and walnuts in 2 portions over the day on daily basis for one month to gain weight.
  • Peanut butter on toast daily is also natural way to gain weight.

8. Whole Grains

whole grains
Increase quantity of cereals, rice, oats and wheat etc in daily diet. These are rich source of proteins, carbohydrates and minerals which will really help in gaining weight and muscle building. Rice is rich source of carbohydrates, Cereals have high contents of proteins and wheat is rich source of iron and fibre.

How to Use

  • Make rice and cereal necessary item of your meal. Consume at least one cup of cooked cereal and rice each on daily basis in any time meal.
  • Increase your appetite like if you eat 2 chapattis made of whole wheat in each meal then try eating 3 chapattis in each meal from now on for 2 to 3 months to increase weight.

9. Beans

green beans
Want to gain weight then make beans an important item of your meal. Beans due to rich contents of proteins, carbohydrates and other nutrients are very useful in gaining weight and building strong muscles. Wide variety like lentils, soya bean, red beans and black beans etc is available that can be consumed for weight increase.

How to Use

  • One cup of cooked beans as a meal on daily for continuous period is going to accomplish weight gain mission.

10. Sweets

Sweets are normally made from sugar and milk so consuming sweets will certainly increase your weight. If suffering from diabetes then don’t try this home remedy to gain weight as it will have a negative effect on your health.

Along with above home remedies to gain weight regular exercise, proper rest and adequate water intake are natural ways to weight management. If still there are some issues in gaining weight give visit to doctor for proper examination and to know reasons that obstructing weight gain. Please do give your opinion on above home remedies for weight gain through comments.



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